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Request Access to a Purveyor

To to use AquaResource to test backflow devices you MUST request access to a water purveyor(s) whose jurisdiction you will be testing

NOTE, when searching for a purveyor: Water purveyors usually go by the the name of the city or town in which they are located. However, this is not always true if a independent company supplies the water to your area or your city purchases water from another municipality.

Go to https://backflow.tecnxs.com/login

Login: Stay on the Login tab and use the email address and password you registered with to Login to AquaResource. With a successful Login, the Request Access to Purveyor page opens. Click the Request Access button and a search window opens.

Search for Purveyor: In the “Search for Purveyor” box, type in the name of the purveyor whose jurisdiction you will be working. A successful search will display one or more purveyors. Select the purveyor.

Tip: When searching use City of or Town of as many of the Purveyors preface with this

Select Certification for Purveyor: Click on the certificate you want to submit to the purveyor as proof of training. A training certificate can also be added at this time. Click the Add Certification button

The purveyor will be notified to review the certificate attached to your profile

You will receive an email when the purveyor approves or declines your access request. If you do not receive an email check your Spam or Junk folder

If your registration request is declined a reason will be stated. Please call the purveyor directly to resolve the problem

Once approved you can submit backflow tests in that purveyor’s jurisdiction

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