AquaResource the App

AquaResource Backflow Prevention Software Portal

login page
  • Water Purveyors and Backflow Testers login to their respective dashboards
  • Backflow Tester/installers login to their account then select the purveyor within whose jurisdiction they are testing
    • Backflow testers it is a 2 step process to registar and use AquaResource
    • Tester/installers first-time login to AquaResource? You MUST register and verify your email address with TecNXS. Once granted access into the system, you MUST request access to the purveyor(s) within whose jurisdiction you will be testing
  • Forgotten password recovery

login page
  • Purveyors dashboard combines utility and pertinent information
    • Flagged Report from testers passing along information
    • Out of Compliance devices by customer with aging
    • Access Requests to the system from tester/installers
    • Failed Report
    • Expiring Testers
    • Add a Tester
      • Review License and Certification information entered by tester
        • Classes attended including Date, Instructor, Training Organization
        • Upload License or Certification image

login page
  • Customer Search allows the administrator to search by customer name or device criteria such as Needs Rebuilt, Needs an Annual Test or Out of Compliance
  • Select a customer
    • All devices on that site are displayed
      • Select a device
        • All pertinent information about the device is displayed

login page
  • Backflow Information offers specific details about a device
    • Manufacturer, Model, Type, Size, Serial Number, Site Location
    • Date of installation, Last test date, Last rebuild date
    • Site images of the device
    • GPS location of the device on site
    • Review and print backflow test reports

login page
  • Tester Profile
    • Name, address and contact information
    • Password selection and update
    • License and Certification information and update
      • Record certification classes attended
        • Date, Instructor, Training Organization
        • Upload License or Certification image

Additional Features

  • Templates
    • Allows purveyor’s to build custom templates addressing compliance issues such as annual tests and mandatory rebuilds
    • Multiply custom templates allowed
  • Notices
    • Allows purveyor’s to customize the date when a specific notice is to be sent out
      • Example:
        • 30 Days prior to Out of Compliance
        • 30 Days past Out of Compliance
    • Notices are automatically generated and emailed to customers in the system with an email addresses
      • Paper notices may be printed and mailed to customer’s without email addresses
    • Multiple custom notices allowed