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Home: Administrator Dashboard

Home, also known as the Administrator Dashboard, is displayed at Login. It is a clearing house for the most pertinent system information in a single location. Predominantly, the Home tab deals with backflow preventer statuses, Backflow Tester access and renewal requests and the customer portal.

There are 3 widgets and 2 buttons across the top of the Homepage, left to right.
Widget 1 displays the number of customers in the system.
Widget 2 displays the number of active backflow devices in the system. Devices that are locked, meter locked or a single check valve, that belongs to a larger assembly, are not in the count.
Widget 3 displays the percentage of backflow devices that have received a passing test compared to the total number of devices in the system.

View Map, by clicking on, displays the backflow devices that have been GPS located. Individual backflows are color coded based on their status in the system.
Green – No Action Needed
Orange – Test Soon
Blue – Out of Compliance
Gray – Inactive
Purple – Locked
Backflow devices that have not been GPS located are not viewable on the map.
GPS locating of backflow devices can be done by Administrators and Backflow Testers. Coordinates can be imported into AquaResource from a GIS system.

View Contact Log displays a running list of customer phone calls entered into the system. This list can be searched and sorted. You can go directly to a customer’s account and view their individual logs.

TIP: To the right of each Section Title there is a View All button. Use View All to display a complete and sortable list of that section.

Flagged Reports

Flagged Reports are associated with a specific backflow device and are meant to bring a problem, situation or observation to the attention of an Administrator. Reports can be flagged by backflow testers, administrators, and the AquaResource system.

  • Backflow technicians may flag a backflow test report for any problem, situation or observation they think needs to be brought to the attention of administration. Example: Excessive corrosion on the backflow device, missing shutoff handles, etc.
  • Administrators may flag a backflow test report for any problem, situation or observation they think needs additional attention beyond a failing test.
  • AquaResource will automatically flag a test report if the supply line pressure to the backflow device is 20 psi or less or if the line pressure between the previous tests is greater than 20 psi.
  • By clicking on a device in the Flagged Reports list you will taken to that backflow devices test results which contains the flagged note. To dismiss the flagged backflow from Flagged Reports toggle the Flagged/Not Flagged switch under Actions.

Out of Compliance

Out of Compliance is a list of all the backflow devices in the system that are past their scheduled test dates. By clicking on a device in the list you will taken to the device owners profile and a list of all of their backflow devices, if there is more than one, at that location that are out of compliance. Backflow devices in this list will not be removed until it receives a passing test.

Failed Reports

Failed Reports is a list of all the backflow devices in the system that have failed a test and have not been repaired or rebuilt. Backflow devices in this list will not be removed until it receives a passing test. Backflow devices in this list may also be in the Out of Compliance list depending on their scheduled test date.

If you as a purveyor only accept passing test results and do not accept failed test results, Failed Reports can be removed in System>Setting>Test Report>Allow Failed Report. By unchecking the option Allow Failed Report, the system will not accept or display failed backflow test reports.

Access Requests

Access Requests is a list of the backflow testers requesting approval to access and use AquaResource in your jurisdiction. By clicking on a tester you will taken to that testers profile. Clicking on the tabs across the page you can review the testers:

  • Personal info
  • Contact info
  • The company or companies that this testers works for
  • License(s) that this tester holds beyond a backflow certification
  • Certification includes the instructor name, training organization, training date, and a picture of the certification document

Expiring Testers

Expiring Testers provides a list of the backflow testers with their certification expiring in the next 90 days. No administrative action is required as the system will automatically generate and send a reminder email to testers that their training information and new certificate will need to be updated in the system to remain in good standings. If a tester expires, they continue to have access to their profile, but the system will automatically suspend their ability to access your data and submit test reports.

New Certifications

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