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Backflow Site Pictures

Some purveyors may require a picture(s) of the onsite backflow to be uploaded to the system before a backflow test can be submitted. Backflow pictures are easily uploaded from a mobile device.


Backflow picture(s) can help both the purveyor and tester. Pictures can document the manufacture’s placard; in case it becomes unreadable and record the installation and surrounding of the backflow device where it is in service.

  • From the Backflow Information page, you can view and upload pictures of a backflow
  • On a mobile device use the Browse button to take a photo or use the photo library to unload a picture(s) of the backflow.
  • On a desktop use the Browse button to locate a picture or a picture can be dropped on HERE to be uploaded o Maximum of three (3) pictures may be uploaded
  • Clicking on a picture will make it full screen
  • You can delete a picture by clicking on the dropdown on a picture and then clicking delete
  • If you accidentally delete a picture, you can alert the purveyor and they can restore the deleted picture within 30 days

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