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Company: Is used to identify the company you are representing when a backflow device is tested.

No Company Affiliation: By placing a checkmark in the circle, at registration, you stated that you are testing backflow devices without being affiliated with a company that you own or are employed by. “I’m testing on my own”. You can change the no affiliation status by adding a company.

Company: If you did not checkmark No Company Affiliation, at registration, there is one company listed in our profile. If you need to add additional companies that you test for you may do so here.

  • Click the +
  • Add Company: enter Company name, Company address, City, State, ZIP code, Phone number, Email address
  • Email address: (not required) is an additional email address that can appear on the customer portal or receive test reports when submitted. This email address takes precedents over the entries on the Contact tab > email address and Bcc email address
    • Show on Customer portal: By placing a checkmark in this circle, this email address will be displayed on the public portal as a contact email for you. The customer portal is capable of displaying multiple contact email addresses based on the number of companies entered and your entries and choices under the Contact tab.
    • Send test report substitution emails to this email address: By placing a checkmark in this circle, test reports will be sent to this email address

Click Add Company button to save your entries

Add as many companies as are needed. When completing backflow test reports you are able to select the company you are testing for on each report.

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