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Report Type Explained

When selecting a Report type, from the drop down window, use these guidelines.

  • Recurring Test is typically used as an annual test. However, there are backflow devices with test intervals more frequent and less frequent than yearly (annual). These tests will be done as a recurring test.
    • Example: A particular high hazard backflow device may require quarterly testing to ensure proper operation.
    • Example: A purveyor may test irrigation backflow devices every two years. These test would be performed as a recurring test.
  • Rebuild and Test is used if the purveyor has a mandatory backflow device rebuild interval. A mandatory rebuild interval is hit and miss around the country. Example: Preventative maintenance rebuilds every 5 years. Typically the system will recognize this and display the device as a Rebuild and Test.
  • Repair and Test is used if the Recurring Test fails and the backflow has to be repaired.
    • If the backflow fails any time during the test switch the test to a Repair and Test. This action expands the form and allow Repair Parts and Materials to be entered.
  • Removed and Replace Device is used when the device is non-repairable, the backflow device found on site does not match the record or the wrong type of device is installed and must be replaced by another device. If Remove and Replace Device is selected the form will expand to allow the new backflow to be added. The (old) existing backflow will be inactivated and stored in history.
  • Removed Device and Capped Lines is used if the hazard/system the backflow is protecting against is no longer in service.
  • Initial Installation Test is the first test performed after a backflow device has been installed. Initial Installation Test is only displayed if the backflow has never been tested before.

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