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Creating a Test Report

Once you have located the backflow device to be tested, through a successful customer or backflow search, you can Create a Test Report.

  1. Click on Create a Test Report
  2. Select a Report type from the drop down window, (See Report Type explained)
  3. Date will prefill with the current date and time. If entering the backflow test after the fact the date and time can be changed.
  4. Which company are you submitting this report for? Select a company from the pull down menu if it is different than what is being displayed.
  5. Is the backflow installed on a potable water supply? Select Yes or No
  6. The test section of the form will only display questions that pertain to the type of backflow device being tested.
  7. Which pressure gauge did you use to perform this test? Select the pressure gauge used for the test from the drop down window.
  8. Optional Data Flag Report for Admin: Click the switch if the note, concerning this backflow, needs to be seen by the system administrator.
  9. Optional Data Note section is used if a note or message needs to be documented about the backflow device.
  10. Status Flag beneath the Optional Data section will show the status to the current backflow test.
  11. Please sign your name below: If a signature is required by the purveyor a signature block will present. Please sign.
  12. If the “Email report to customer” and checkbox is displayed, that means that the purveyor have an email address for that customer. You may check it the customer will receive a copy of the report when it gets submitted.
  13. Click on the checkbox “I am the person who performed the test and I have verified that the information above is accurate” located above the Submit Report button. Exact wording may vary based on state requirements.
  14. Click on the Submit Report button
    • If you cannot click on the button, make sure you have checked the box above it
    • Check for missing information, the area(s) missing information will be highlighted
    • When you believe you have entered all the information required, click on the submit report button again
  15. You will only be charged for passing test reports when they are submitted. You will receive an email receipt whenever you are charged

Testing Tips:

  • Fill in all the required information on the page
  • Purveyors have control over all system setting and have set up the system based on their and or state testing requirements
  • Make sure to select a company and a pressure gauge if the purveyor requires that information to be recorded
  • If you see additional questions on the test form, not addressed here, that is because your state or purveyor requires that information. Please complete the from.


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