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Certifications must be maintained and kept up to date. If your certification lapses you will not be able to access your purveyor(s) or submit backflow test reports.

You can always access your profile to update your certification(s)

When you click on the Certifications tab you will be able to see existing certifications. There is no need to delete the existing certifications to add new certifications.

To add a certification click the +

  • Enter Instructor, Training organization, Training date
  • If you certification certificate has a unique identification number, place a checkmark in the circle and you will be allow to enter that number
  • Upload a picture of your certificate to prove you are a qualified backflow tester/installer. Do this by dropping a picture of your certificate on HERE or use the browse button to open a file upload window.
  • EASIEST way to add a certification: If you are using a cell phone or tablet the browse button will display Take Photo, Photo Library, or Browse. Take a photo of the certificate and upload it

Click Add certification

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