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GPS Backflow Location

Some purveyors may require a GPS pin to be dropped on the location of the backflow before a test can be submitted. Use the “GPS Locate Backflow” button to place a pin on the backflow within the site. Allow AquaResource to access your location. The GPS pin can be moved independently of the map by placing a finger on it and sliding.


Backflow GPS location(s) can help both the purveyor and tester. GPS locations mark the location of the device and are helpful when trying to find the device on a large site such as HOA or apartment complex.

You can GPS locate the backflow on a satellite map by clicking on “GPS Locate”

  • It will open a satellite map
  • If the backflow has previously been located, the Pin will be centered on the map and dropped on the backflow’s location
  • You can find your location by clicking on the button in the top right corner and allowing the website to use your location
  • Clicking on the blue button will either drop a pin in the center of the screen or on your current location
  • Use your finger or the mouse to drag the pin to a new location if the location isn’t accurate

Tip: It is possible for the Mapping feature, Map Box, to not be completely up to date particularly in an area under development. Example: A structure or other features may not be visible on the map. If this happens drop the Pin as close as possible to the backflow’s location. If you are using a mobile device to drop the Pin, you are on site, and you have allowed AquaResource to use your location the Pin will drip on the location of the backflow.


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