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Tester Registration

Registration may be completed on either a mobile device or a computer.

Watch this video below or scroll down for written instructions.

First, go to https://aquaresource.app

Second, click on Register and fill out the form using your, the tester’s, information. Do not fill in your company information or use a company email address. This is your profile and your information that water purveyor’s see.

Third, upon successful registration, you will receive an email with a link. You must click on the link or copy & paste it into a web browser to verify your email address.

Now, go to your profile by clicking on the navigation menu button (hamburger menu) and clicking on Profile. Once there you can add documents on the Documents tab, pressure gauges/test kits on the Pressure Gauges tab, companies you work for on the Companies tab, and change various other settings.

After adding documents, you can navigate to the Purveyors page where you can request access to water purveyors. Click on Access Requests and complete the form presented. Repeat for each water purveyor you are going to be testing for.

Upon an access request being approved for a water purveyor that has a test submission fee, the Payment tab will appear on your Profile where you can then add a Credit Card.


  • The registration process works well on a mobile device because a picture of your training certificate and test gauge calibration are easily taken and uploaded from a mobile device
  • On a mobile device, touch the screen because what you’re looking at is probably clickable
  • If you don’t see the results you are expecting, refresh the page
  • Allow the site to use your location
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge are NOT supported


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