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Additional Licenses

Some States, Cities and/or purveyors require contractor to register additional licenses they hold.

For example: A backflow tester can test, repair, rebuild and replace a backflow device as long as the plumbing, the surrounding pipe, is not altered. Altering the plumbing to accept a different manufactures backflow device or change the type of backflow device requires a plumbers license.

To add a certification click the +

  • Enter Type of license
  • Enter Licensing agency
  • Enter License number
  • Upload a picture of your additional license to prove you are a qualified to perform work outside the scope of a backflow tester/installer. Do this by dropping a picture of your additional license on HERE or use the browse button to open a file upload window.
  • EASIEST way to add a additional license: If you are using a cell phone or tablet the browse button will display Take Photo, Photo Library, or Browse. Take a photo of the additional license and upload it

Click Add license

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