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If the purveyor requires that a backflow tester pay for test submissions you must add a credit card to your profile in AquaResource.

A Credit Card(s) can be used in two ways. First, your card can be charged each time a passing backflow test report is submitted. Second, and optional, a balance equal to 1 to 50 passing test report submissions can be added to the system. Adding a balance to the system is designed to cut down on credit card transaction fees imposed by the card issuer.

Adding a Credit Card

  • Go to https://backflow.tecnxs.com
  • Stay on the Login tab then use the email address and password you registered with to login to AquaResource
  • In the upper right-hand corner of the screen click on the circle with your initials, then click on profile
  • Click on Payment
  • Click on the + button in the top right corner of the Credit Cards table.
  • Enter your the credit card information
    • Receipt email address is where receipts are sent when using this credit card
    • Assign to company, optional, select a company to assign the credit card to or leave empty if you want it assigned to your account. If a company is selected this card is assigned to that company. You MUST first setup a company under the Companies tab to be able to assign it to a credit card.
      • Credit card(s) will be debited when a test report is successfully submitted or if using the balance system the balance can not cover the cost to pay for the test

Add a Balance to a Credit Card

  • To add funds to your account, under the Payment tab, click on the Add Money button. Select the amount to add to your account and then choose the credit card. Then click on Add Money. Your card will be charged for that amount.
  • To add funds to a company, under the Companies tab, within the Companies table, click on Add Money on the row with the company you want to add money to. Select the amount to add to the company and then choose the credit card. Then click on Add Money. Your card will be charged for that amount.

TecNXS doesn’t

TecNXS doesn’t retain or have access to your credit card information. We use Stripe as a, PCI compliant, payment platform.

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