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If the purveyor requires that the method of payment lies with testers you must add a credit card to your profile.

  • Go to https://backflow.tecnxs.com
  • Stay on the Login tab then use the email address and password you registered with to login to AquaResource
  • In the upper right-hand corner of the screen click on the circle with your initials, then click on profile
  • Click on Payment
  • Enter your the credit card information
    • This credit card will be debited when a test report is successfully submitted
    • TecNXS does not retain or have access to your credit card information. We use Stripe as a payment platform.
  • Use my profile information as billing information. If you wish to do this place a check in the circle.
  • If you did not use your profile information as billing information complete the required information indicated by the green dots.
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