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Tester Registration

Testers must complete three steps to use AquaResource. The fourth step depends on the payment method, tester pay or purveyor pay. The fifth step depends on the purveyor’s requirements with pressure gauges(test kits), to register or not to register.

First, you MUST create a profile and register with TecNXS

Second, you MUST complete the registration process with TecNXS by verifying the registration email

Third, you MUST request access to a purveyor

Fourth, if the method of payment lies with testers you must add a credit card to your profile. If the payment method lies with the purveyor three steps are it.

Fifth, if the purveyor requires that pressure gauges (test kits) be registered you must go to your profile and complete the registration process.

Registration may be completed on either a mobile device or a computer


  • The registration process works well on a mobile device
  • On a mobile device, touch the screen because what you’re looking at is probably clickable
  • If you don’t see the results you are expecting, refresh the page
  • Allow the site to use your location
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge are not supported


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